Title Operations Supervisor
Location Afghanistan
Job Information

Supervises an Operations team in assigned area of responsibility (FOB’s); may serve as senior Operations staff member at a small site. Coordinates and performs a variety of functional tasks as necessary to achieve operational objectives. Reviews and compiles operational data or information; prepares and distributes reports on operational status; maintains departmental data as necessary for analysis, planning, and reporting purposes. Confers with management to obtain data required for planning activities, such as new commitments, status of work in progress, and problems encountered. Supports management and leads team members in the development and execution of operational strategies, work projects and other activities. Provides input on the development and implementation of organization policies, practices, procedures as requested. Performs daily tasks involving project operations strategies and activities. Recommends measures to improve methods, performance, and quality of product or services, and suggests changes in working conditions to increase efficiency.

Vets4Heroes values the contributions of a diverse and inclusive workforce and is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

– Four year degree from an accredited college or university.

-Minimum of 4 years of military leadership experience as an Officer or Senior NCO

– Graduate of the Army OBC/BOLC or equivalent military education or ANCOC/first sergeants academy/SGM’s or equivalent NCO military education.

– Excellent communication and leadership skills. Excellent computer skills with various scheduling programs, MS Office Suite, and various databases.

Position may be located in a war zone in a contingency environment with harsh and dangerous working and living conditions, including lifting and carrying 25 pounds of personal protective equipment for extended periods of time. To ensure safety, health and security measures within the contract are met, all employees shall be literate in English (read, write, speak and understand)

Only Former United States Military Personnel interested in working in Afghanistan! JMO 03/4’s JMO O3E/O4E’s, Warrants, (NCO E8/9 Top Performers) who have completed 2-3 tours in Afghanistan or Iraq previously. Operations FSG’s/SGM’s-Battalion/Brigade.

(Minimum Bachelor’s Degree)




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